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The next time you start your day, make it a goal to count all of the product logos you see, use and interact with.  You will find yourself counting well over 100 logos before the days is done.

Logos are the designed marks that is the visual representation of the promise you make to your clients.   We understand that consumers will associate your brand image as the emotion connection to the expectation of quality that your products and services will provide. 


At Prime Choice Digital, we don't just draw logos, in general, we discover your companies culture and carefully create a MEMORABLE design.  The goal is for us to produce a design that you are proud of, that your customer based can relate to as your promise mark of a great business experience.   We also do a refinement of an existing logo, if desired.

We start with a business design brief.  We collect your preferences of colors, images, font design and symbolism that you have envisioned as part of the design. 

The first part of the payment (in most cases, 1/2 down), will retain us for services.  Then, we do analytical research to understand your business, demographic and niche.  If you have a customer base, we may use strategies to understand how your customer views your business or service, and the experience they draw from being your client.

Preliminary designs are rendered to you for us to collaboratively decide on the best fit.  We then move to creating a few revisions until you have settled on the final design.


After final payment is settled, you will be provided the logo in the following file formats:


  • .JPG (standard image file used on most devices)

  • .PNG (image rendered on a clear background)

  • .PDF (for Adobe Reader) 

  • .PSD (the original design file in most cases; Photoshop)

  • .AI/EPS (Adobe Illustrator. This program renders the design into a scalable version to put in small things like pens to skyscraper billboards) This file format cannot be viewed on most devices but may be visible from software that your print provider would have.

Additional print services are available at a separate price.  Please contact us for more details


PCDM LOGO 2021.png
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